GCSE resits: English and maths pass rate drops

The pass rate for students resitting GCSE English and maths exams in November has fallen compared with last year. Tes reports.

This means thousands of students picking up their GCSE English and maths results this morning will be forced to resit their exams again in the summer.

Candidates who do not manage to achieve at least a grade 4 in GCSE English or maths when they leave school are required to resit the qualifications at a college or sixth form until they achieve that grade, under the condition of funding rules. Those with a grade 2 or below in GCSE maths and/or English at school will have to continue to study the subjects at college, but they can take either a GCSE or an approved stepping-stone qualification to meet the condition of funding.

The proportion achieving a grade 4 or higher in English language in November 2018 with AQA was 32.8 per cent (compared with 33.5 per cent a year earlier), with Edexcel it was 34.1 per cent (33.2 per cent a year earlier) and with OCR it was 41 per cent (49.9 per cent in November 2017).

In maths, the proportion of students achieving a grade 4 or higher in November 2018 with AQA was 27.7 per cent (compared with 32 per cent in November 2017), with Edexcel it was 27.6 per cent (30.4 per cent) and with OCR it was 25.2 per cent (26.6 per cent).

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  1. I’d suggest most of these students are being entered inappropriately, if you look at the cut-off marks. They are being entered in case they happen to scrape up that few marks: that’s doing a disservice to them and wasting money. There are only a few, who e.g. were ill in the summer, for whom Autumn entry represents a good strategy: the others need to learn more maths, and to concentrate on that!

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