GCSE papers could be marked overseas in bid to tackle examiner shortage

The TES is reporting that British pupils could have their GCSE papers marked by overseas teachers who may not have previous experience of the syllabus.

The plan is being considered by OCR, one of England’s three main school exam boards, to tackle a shortage of examiners, TES can reveal.

Exam board bosses say any overseas markers they use would be adaptable, qualified teachers with good subject knowledge.

OCR’s sister board Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) already uses people in New Zealand, South Africa and Spain to mark the IGCSE qualification. OCR has confirmed that it is in talks about taking a similar approach – including potentially using the same markers – for its GCSE papers…

CIE’s chief executive Michael O’Sullivan, who is chairing an “examiner task force” set up by OCR and CIE’s parent company Cambridge Assessment, said the overseas examiners would have to go through the same rigorous checks as domestic markers…

See more in today’s edition of the TES…

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Would you be ok if OCR or any other exams boards went ahead with plans like this?

Would there be any reason not to feel confident in the quality of marking if it was being undertaken by people previously unfamiliar with the syllabus, as long as they were qualified teachers who had been properly briefed?

Please give us your reactions and feedback in the comments or via Twitter… 


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  1. mcallister1

    SchoolsImprove Pay a decent wage and get good quality people here instead. OCR pays less well than aqa, yet all charge similar for the exam

  2. LauraCornish511

    SchoolsImprove they could give examiners more to mark. I had 3 weeks to mark mine but did them all in 9 days without rushing

  3. BenDaviesRE

    SchoolsImprove worrying especially considering the QA is already questionable. Evry inquiry we snt has been increased, augmenting our LOPs

  4. BenDaviesRE

    SchoolsImprove thankfully good news but I would like accuracy in the first place! It’s so unfair on both students and teachers.

  5. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove If it wasn’t all about making money you’d have faith in this. They pay peanuts so get the workforce that accepts peanuts

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