GCSE league tables to come out early to help parents choose school

The BBC is reporting that secondary school league tables in England are going to be published earlier this year so parents can compare the most recent GCSE results when choosing schools…

At present, school league tables are published in January – after the application process has finished.

But from this year, the Department for Education will publish provisional GCSE results in mid-October.

Schools Minister Nick Gibb said it would provide a more “informed choice”.

The plans, announced by the Department for Education, will mean that parents looking at local secondary school places for the following autumn will have the most up-to-date exam results, at least in provisional form…

“Choosing the right school is one of the most important decisions parents will make for their child and so we want to make sure they have as much up-to-date information as possible to make an informed choice,” said Mr Gibb.

“This is why we will now publish provisional GCSE results before the admissions window closes – further empowering parents and continuing our commitment to transparency…”

More at: GCSE league tables out early to help parents choose school


Your thoughts on this move from Nick Gibb and the DfE?

Valuable change for parents or something that gives you cause for concern?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. TW

    Even more reason for schools not to want any students from the lower end of the ability spectrum.  Perhaps the government should give all children IQ tests at birth and dispose of the less able.

  2. Applications for secondary admission have to be made by 31 October.  It’s likely parents will already have made up their minds following visits to schools’ open events in the summer term, local word-of-mouth and Ofsted (maybe).  Judging schools on results alone is misleading.

  3. League tables  are misleading (as Janet says) and should be abolished.  I wrote to the Chancellor to say that he could save some expenditure on the DfE budget.  No reply yet!

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