Gay teacher resigns after parent protest

The Sunday Times is reporting that a gay assistant head teacher who wrote books challenging homophobia for primary school children has resigned after parents complained that they did not want their children “learning that it’s OK to be gay”…

The row at Chilwell Croft Academy in Birmingham, mainly involving Muslim parents, is the latest controversy at a secular state school in the city. A dozen schools in Birmingham are under investigation by the Department for Education (DfE) over allegations of financial mismanagement and the introduction of Islamic practices.

Andrew Moffat, who resigned from Chilwell Croft primary school in December and will leave his post this month, said some Christian parents had also complained.

His books, entitled Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools, have been used in literacy lessons for 10- and 11-year-olds, including those at Chilwell Croft.

One lesson describes a picnic at which gay families are guests. Pupils are encouraged to treat all the picnic guests equally and not to use the word “gay” as an insult.

Moffat, who has worked at the school for five years, also trained teachers on how to prevent homophobic bullying in primary schools.

In a statement, Chilwell Croft said: “A minority group of parents . . . objected to some of the resource books being used in literacy lessons with some of the oldest children in the school, which explored relationships in different families.

“The . . . objections were primarily voiced by those whose own religion took an opposing stance to homosexuality.”

…Liam Nolan, the high- profile gay head teacher at Perry Beeches Academy in Birmingham, said he had been “incredibly shocked that an assistant head teacher who was doing incredible work around relationship education had been intimidated by a small group of what are being seen as extremists in the city”.

He added: “The Muslim community is being allowed to influence government legislation around equality.”

However, Chris McGovern, chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said schools had a duty to tell parents before introducing literature that some might object to on religious grounds.

“If parents are coming from a particular religious group, whether it is Islamic or Christian, and they have a concern at what they might consider the promotion of homosexuality, the school’s position should be made clear to them…”

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Are you surprised and disappointed to hear that parents have reacted in this way or is it a significant issues amongst faith communities? Do schools have to more sensitive to parental opinion when they cover homosexuality in class or not? Please share you experiences or views…

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  1. jimmyholte

    SchoolsImprove in my own experience of Muslim parents, this type of study is exactly the kind they are looking for their children

  2. horseychick7

    sarahnewton SchoolsImprove a travesty ☹ its not just the kids who need educating clearly. Shame on the sch accepting his resignation!

  3. Busy Mum

    Yes, this is a significant issue. I find that schools work on the assumption that everybody is OK with homosexuality – one head even justified not informing parents about an assembly on the grounds that he thought it was not a controversial topic.
    If a Scottish chaplain is made to resign for being against homosexuality, why is it any different when a teacher has to resign for being pro?

  4. HylandMcCabe

    HylandMcCabe this why influential people like Tom Daly hav 2 ‘come out’ &make statements they do & why gay ppl ‘announce’ their sexuality

  5. SandraMillar

    Busy Mum  because the balance in society is heavily weighted towards imposing heterosexuality as the norm and therefore ‘acceptable’. Being vocal about your anti homosexual views is unacceptable in an educator. Its how oppression within sociey is maintained.

  6. Organic_Jane

    SchoolsImprove I am not surprised. I am however disgusted that the cry of ‘religious reason’ is being allowed to over-rule the law & nature

  7. Goosebreath

    SchoolsImprove: children should be taught all loving relationships are equal. Religious interference and bigotry. Bullying.

  8. LaCatholicState

    No they shouldn’t….because some are sinful. Anyone telling my kids anything to the contrary will be told where to go!

  9. beccabumbum

    SchoolsImprove ridiculous. What happened to equality? There’d be uproar if a head teacher had to resign cos she was a woman!

  10. StephenDrew72

    SchoolsImprove The idea that religious belief can justify homophobia is abhorrent. Equality laws are either universal or worthless.

  11. ClassroomMrA

    StephenDrew72 educationgovuk Ofstednews Absolutely shameful. Disgusted that this can be allowed to happen.

  12. AndrewZZR

    SchoolsImprove If teachers started protesting at the attitudes of some parents, we might be getting somewhere!

  13. frankietweetart

    SchoolsImprove #gayteacherresigns. He couldn’t have taught literature without the head teachers consent. Hope colleagues stood up for him

  14. Busy Mum

    SandraMillar Busy Mum  So believing homosexual practice is sinful is inferior to believing it is OK??? What happened to equality of ‘faith’, equality of ‘religion’ and respecting people with different opinions to you?

  15. SandraMillar

    Busy Mum SandraMillar  Yes, it is inferior. One involves oppression of people, and the other involves respect and tolerance. I’ll leave it to you to figure out which one is which. The teacher involved was not promoting homosexuality per se, but a tolerant and knowedgeable approach to understanding that some families are different than others. Busymum, have you ever stopped to ask yourself if YOU are tolerant and respectful, while demanding it from others? Your question itself shows a lack of the values you wish to claim.

  16. Busy Mum

    SandraMillar Busy Mum  I figured it out a long time ago. One involves denigrating sincere people as Bigots of the Year, it involves teaching primary school children that their parents’ beliefs are wrong…no tolerance or respect there! The homosexual lobby has demanded tolerance and respect and is now trying to eliminate the centuries old belief that this behaviour is immoral, presumably because knowing that people do believe this is an uncomfortable feeling for them. The only reason a school chaplain has had to become vocal in his views is because the removal of Section 28 meant these inappropriate subjects have become common chit-chat in schools. Not content with redefining marriage, they have managed to redefine the words ‘gay’, ‘family’ and ‘promotion’ too.

  17. SandraMillar

    Busy Mum SandraMillar  the teacher was not teaching children their parent’s beliefs are wrong. He was teaching children that not all parents have that belief, and they should respect that. 
    A bigot is defined as “someone who is predjudiced in their views and intolerant of other’s views.”
    This is not ‘the homosexual lobby” in action, but most decent intelligent people who have rejected the “centuries old belief” that you speak of. The majority of the population have rejected it because it is a bigoted view which inflicts emotional, mental and often physical harm on people who cannot possibly fit in. Actually whenever this topic is debated it is always the people who supposedly have a religious background who are hostile, accusatory and uncomfortable with the discussion,  as though any enlightened discussion is “promoting” homosexuality. It is my feeling that religious observance does not always encourage free thought.

  18. JaPenn56

    SchoolsImprove Tragic that such a situation could be condoned. This teacher should’ve been supported by their school leaders inc governors.

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