Fury over ‘Orwellian’ psychological tests for Scottish schoolchildren

The Mail is reporting that schoolchildren in Scotland are being subjected to what they call “covert psychological tests” as part of the SNP’s new state guardian scheme.

Every youngster in Scotland is to be subtly quizzed about their private lives and asked to complete intrusive questionnaires.

These will ask, among other things, if the child’s parents make them feel special – or even if their home is ‘cosy’.

The answers will be stored on a giant government database network and then analysed to pick out pupils for further investigation by Named Persons to which every individual child will be assigned later this year.

Scottish pupils will then face the intrusive tests regularly throughout their school careers after the system goes ‘live’ in August.

Sample questions and possible answers are being used to train Named Persons in quizzing children.

The Mail on Sunday asked social work expert Maggie Mellon to deconstruct the answers and show how they would flag up issues with children’s well-being. What she found will chill every parent.

Some of the concerns raised were legitimate but others were subjective, potentially wrong or even based on prejudice. Respected Ms Mellon concludes the scheme has ‘no validity’.

Campaigners against the new system say concerned whistleblowers in parts of the country including Ayrshire, Fife and East Renfrewshire are claiming teachers are being told by training teams to ‘keep parents in the dark’ about the true nature of the profiling.

Instead, it is claimed that parents will receive letters home stating only that there is some ‘resilience’ testing being carried out with pupils.

Simon Calvert of the No To The Named Person campaign, which is spearheading a legal challenge to the scheme, said the latest revelations were ‘creepy’…

More at: Fury over ‘Orwellian’ psychological tests for schoolchildren which sees them interrogated over whether their parents nurture them enough 


There’s a lot more detail in the full report but what do you think: is this scaremongering or are there legitimate concerns here?

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