Freshers’ week web photos could harm your career, students warned

Teenagers heading to university have been warned not to post drunken freshers’ week photos of themselves online because they could damage their job prospects. This is from the Evening Standard

A leading business education charity warned that employers are increasingly looking at content posted on Facebook and Twitter accounts, and urged teenagers to set up professional social profiles on networking sites such as LinkedIn instead.

David Walker, head of public policy at Career Academies UK, which places disadvantaged students on paid internships, made the comments as thousands of young people prepare for a new term.

He warned that two of his students had lost internships as a result of comments made on social media sites.

He said: “Never before have prospective employees had as many opportunities, or pitfalls, to consider when building a winning online presence.

“In an age when every teenager is socially connected to their mates, too few are using their digital skills to reach out to employers.”

…He said that growing numbers of younger people were joining LinkedIn, traditionally used by professionals,  and encouraged students to post grades and teachers’ references.

But he warned: “The flip side is the importance of making sure what they post on social media shows them in a positive light.”

Speaking about freshers’ week, he said: “If you are being tagged on Facebook look at what you are being tagged in. There are plenty of examples of people who have been tagged in something incredibly embarrassing.”

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  1. JanetMathew

    Pressure pressure pressure! Plenty of people took part in something embarrassing in their freshers year and are in top well paid jobs now. Surely it’s all part of growing up and learning from your past. Soon we’re all be to scared to do anything!

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