French to focus on creativity and group work in response to Pisa rankings, minister says

The TES is reporting that France has reacted to its disappointing ranking in global education league tables by introducing a greater focus on creativity, group work and speaking and listening.

…France’s education minister Najat Vallaud-Belkacem told TES that the country’s education reforms would focus on creativity and collaboration between students.

“We are now carrying out a reform to the collège, the first level of the secondary system, and in that reform there will be more collaboration and cooperation between pupils,” Ms Vallaud-Belkacem said. “There will be more focus on oral expression and more focus on creativity. Why? Because Pisa told us that’s where our weaknesses were.

“Pupils were not very good at expressing themselves verbally, they were not very good at working together, they didn’t develop their creativity sufficiently. So this will reform will focus on that and will come into effect in 2016.”

The Pisa rankings placed France 25th in the world for the performance of its 15-year-olds in reading, maths and science, just one above the UK.

In the run up to the Pisa results in 2013, then UK education secretary Michael Gove called for an end to the “overemphasis on group work”, which he dismissed as amounting to “children chatting to each other”…

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The TES, in the full article, suggests France is taking the opposite approach to our government.

What do you think – would you be supportive of the approach outlined here?

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  1. Despite Gove’s insistence that his reforms mirror the ‘best in the world’, they actually moved in the opposite direction.  He denigrated alleged ‘progressive’ methods (ie anything he didn’t like) but which were used in other countries, Gibb says classroom discussion is mere ‘chat’, our pupils are tested more than in most other countries (and it’s increasing here) and the latest debacle – KS2 children will be expected to use a comma instead of a space when writing numbers larger than a thousand (unlike the rest of the world).   See here for details of the latter

  2. matkinson956

    SchoolsImprove katefallonaep Ah the irony of the KS2 grammar test in light of this. And the misery & dead endedness. FFS, as the young say

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