Free school to ban all homework – but pupils will have to stay until 5pm for extra study time

A new secondary free school due to open next year in Norwich is banning homework for pupils but instead will have a longer school day, apparently running to 5pm. This is from the Daily Mail…

It is the scourge of schoolchildren up and down the country.

Classes can often be heard letting out a collective groan when the teacher mentions homework,  ruining plans for a night watching films or playing out with friends.

However, this will not be a concern for pupils attending a pioneering new secondary school in Norfolk –  because it has decided to ban all homework.

Instead, the 1100 children who will attend the Jane Austen Academy in Norwich will do longer days at school.

The mixed free school for 11-18-year-olds – which will specialise in English and the humanities – is set to open in September 2014.

The school yesterday unveiled its prospective principal, Claire Heald, who said that city children would do extra study at school as part of the extended day, which could last until about 5pm.

She said: ‘Rather than setting homework that pupils could go home and struggle with at home, and where there may be limited access to computers, they will do that as independent study in the day. This is from the Daily Mail… 

‘We are saying that when they go home they should enjoy quality family time.

‘There will not be any traditional homework – and that has been really well received by parents who respect the fact that family time will be family time.’

But Ms Heald said the school would still expect youngsters to study at home ahead of crucial exams.

She’s ready to create a new dramatic template in the UK after French president Francois Hollande called for the end of homework in primary schools last October.

The French leader insisted independent learning at school would enhance equality because kids who get help with homework from parents have a huge head start.

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Do you think this is a good idea to help both equality and ensure children get a break with their families? What about the teachers – are they expected to work an extra couple of hours a day? Tell us your reaction on Twitter or in the comments below…

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  1. Abeeisme

    TRFWIA great idea! Maybe unpopular initially, but solves childcare issues, could make afterschool activities compulsory

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