Free online textbooks from top private school

The BBC is reporting that a leading private school, with some of the best results in England, is publishing digital textbooks which are available to download free online…

The Stephen Perse Foundation in Cambridge is publishing 12 multimedia textbooks for IGCSE biology.

They are being made available on Apple’s iBooks online store to use on iPad tablet computers.

It is believed to be the first UK school to publish free online textbooks covering an entire exam syllabus.

Schools and pupils are “hungry” for such digital resources, says principal Tricia Kelleher.

With the exam revision season approaching, the Cambridge school is pioneering the publication of its own bespoke textbooks, which will be open to anyone without charge.

This first set of books will cover the Cambridge IGCSE biology course, with touchscreen, multimedia explanations, covering topics such as molecules and enzymes and animal nutrition.

The textbooks will be available for download worldwide and cover a course taken by 500,000 students in 160 countries.

The school, the current Independent School of the Year, has already made resources available online through iTunes U. It has been a leading innovator of the idea of schools using digital technology to produce their own customised course materials…

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We’ve covered news of this as a plan before – now it seems to be a reality: good idea? Something you would like more schools to be doing and a good way of private schools giving back? Please give us your feedback in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove This is very nice of them but since the iGCSE will no longer count in precious league table positions, of little use

  2. Perhaps online, collaborative textbooks, created by practitioners will free us from the tyranny of having to buy the latest (second-rate) textbook from the Exam-Board/publisher, hastily thrown together to fit the new specification.

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