France to post a “secularism charter” in every school

French Education Minister Vincent Peillon has announced a plan to post a “secularism charter in every [educational] establishment” by the end of September. This is from National Secular Society

The document would appear in a prominent place in every school, and remind teachers and pupils of a list of secular, Republican principles.

“Everyone has a right to their opinions,” Peillon told French journalists on Monday. “But not to dispute lessons or miss classes [for religious reasons],” he added.

The minister insisted, however, that the project should not “turn into an obsession with Islam.”

“The vast majority of our Muslim compatriots are convinced of the benefits of secularism,” he added.

The project has provoked a mixed reaction in France, with some questioning the application of secular principles, and others claiming the measure doesn’t go far enough in enforcing France’s particularly strict church-state separation.

“The reality is that in the last few years, the Left has singularly lacked courage in the difficult struggle to defend secularism,” said Michèle Tabarot, a centre-right opposition UMP deputy.

“This decision is totally in keeping with the pussyfooting image of this government.”

For his part, Philippe Tournier, Secretary-General of France’s union of headteachers, told Europe 1 radio he welcomed the secularism charter in principle, but worried about its implementation.

“The intentions are absolutely positive, but the essential thing still remains – putting into force what [the charter] affirms,” he said.

Peillon’s predecessor as Education Minister, however, Luc Chatel from the opposition UMP party, expressed his tentative support for the charter.

“Any time we can give children a point of reference as to what the Republic is, and what our values are, that’s a good thing,” he told France Info radio on Monday.

This isn’t the first time in recent months that Peillon has caused controversy with a project to reinforce France’s secular values in its schools.

In April, The Local reported how the education minister showed parliament his plans for school pupils to debate “secular morality” for one hour every week.

“Teaching and sharing the values of the Republic is a responsibility for each school,” Peillon said at the time.

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