France looks to UK Prevent strategy in battle to tackle extremism among pupils

The TES is reporting that France is exploring the UK government’s controversial Prevent strategy as it tries to combat the radicalisation of its young people in the wake of a series of terrorist attacks in the country.

The French education minister told TES that she had examined the approach taken by Britain, which has come under fire amid fears it could be discriminating against the Muslim community…

““I am lucky that I am not only the minister for education but also the minister for higher education and research, which means I have numerous contacts with French researchers who have been looking attentively at the Prevent programme in Britain,” Ms Vallaud-Belkacem said.

“Therefore, I know it quite well and I can see how much we can learn from it either to follow what has been good about it or the difficulties you might have had.”

France has stepped up its efforts to tackle radicalisation and extremism after a series of terrorist attacks in recent years…

The response from France has been to train school staff to teach the “values of the Republic”, in a move similar to the mandatory teaching of British values introduced in the UK.

Every pupil is also given 300 hours of education in ethics, morals and citizenship between the ages of 6 and 18, during which values and “what it means to be a good citizen” are discussed…

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What would you say to the French about the impact of the Prevent programme in practise?

Good and bad points you might advise them to adopt/ignore?

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