Four in ten teenagers ‘fall victim to cyber fraudsters’, says survey

The Telegraph is reporting a new survey that suggests four in ten teenagers have fallen victim to cyber criminals as they reveal personal details on social media…

Figures reveal that more than 41 per cent of teenagers aged 18 and under have been targeted by fraudsters looking to obtain their PIN number or bank details.

Youngsters’ constant exposure to technology and their naivety when communicating with others on social media platforms are to blame, according to ifs University College, which led the research.

Alison Pask of ifs University College, which provides financial services education, said: “Young people live their lives using technology but they put things out there for the world to see without realising that what you put on Facebook or Whatsapp doesn’t disappear. They think they are having private conversations.”

On the contrary, she said, they are leaving themselves exposed to fraud. Ms Pask said: “Teenagers give out details of their brothers, sisters or parents and a lot of people design their passwords based on that simple information.

“The paradox is that children appear to be excellent with technology but they don’t seem to understand the dangers.”

The survey took place last academic year and polled 2,000 students in secondary education between the ages of 14 and 18…

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Not sure how robust these figures are, but the idea that teenagers are behaving in an extremely naive way online is probably no surprise. 

They are also going to be carrying out more and more transactions online in the future – could/should more be done to help prepare them and ensure they wise up?

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