Former ‘super-head’ Jo Shuter granted appeal against lifetime ban

The TES is reporting that, in a reversal of a previous decision, former “super-head” Jo Shuter has been given permission to appeal against a lifetime teaching ban…

The former headteacher of Quintin Kynaston Academy in London was given a lifetime ban with no provision for review after she was found guilty of thousands of pounds of expenses abuses.

But today the Department for Education announced that it had reversed its position and Ms Shuter could try to overturn the ban once two years had elapsed after the original decision.

The DfE’s Paul Heathcote, acting on behalf of education secretary Nicky Morgan, said that while he had originally agreed with the professional conduct panel’s recommendation not to allow a right of review, he had now changed his mind.

“I have now reconsidered this matter in light of the points raised by Ms Shuter on appeal and consider that the decision not to set a period, after which Ms Shuter would be entitled to apply for a review of the prohibition order, was not a proportionate sanction given the factual allegations proved upon admission before the panel,” he said.

The ruling means that Ms Shuter will be able to apply to return to teaching from 13 May 2016, two years after the ban was imposed….

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The full article goes on to report that Mr Heathcote would depend on a future panel and not be an automatic right. Your thoughts? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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