Foreign students: Home Office axe ‘unusable’ survey

The BBC is reporting that a Home Office advisory committee has ditched research assessing the impact of international students after academics labelled it ‘unethical’.

The survey, set up by the Migration Advisory Committee (Mac), which informs Home Office policy, asked for students’ views on international classmates. But it could be completed by anyone and some said it posed “loaded” questions.

“Following online commentary it has become apparent to us that we will be unable to use the responses to the survey,” the spokesman said.

The committee defended the survey, saying it was “simply an attempt to ask students for their experiences” and “had the potential to show a very positive view of international students in the UK”.

Prof Tanja Bueltmann‏, a professor of migration history at Northumbria University, said “Initially, I thought it must be some sort of fake thing – because of the nature of the questions,” 

“If I had done this as a research project, I’d be in trouble with my ethics committee now.”

She added that the whole design of the survey was flawed because anyone could fill it in, and repeatedly if they used different computers.

The survey was part of work commissioned by former Home Secretary Amber Rudd, after the government came under pressure to remove international students from net migration targets

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