Food bank set up at school to help feed families

The Yorkshire Post is reporting that a food bank has been set up at at a secondary school in Sheffield – believed to be the first of its kind in the country – after concerns among staff that some families may be struggling to feed their children…

Handsworth Grange Community Sports College in Sheffield installed two giant food bins earlier this week and has appealed to the community for donations…

Within hours of the secondary school asking parents to donate food and essential goods around a thousand items arrived on their doorstep.

Now staff are urging others to help support this cause in a bid to help those most in need.

Handsworth Grange head teacher Anne Quaile said: “This came about after a pupil came to school on a Monday morning saying the last full meal she had eaten was her school dinner on Friday lunchtime.

“I was appalled that such a situation could happen to any family and it started us thinking there might be others who are in similar dire situations.

“That is when we came up with the idea of food parcels and this has progressed into us now installing these two food banks.

“I wrote to parents and carers on Tuesday night last week and by Wednesday morning – just hours later – hundreds of items had been donated.

“It has overwhelmed us the complete generosity of people in this community.

“If we can help those families which need it most then this can only be a good thing.”…

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What are your thoughts on this? Are you aware of any other schools doing something similar? We also covered a report before Christmas of schools opening breakfast clubs to families of pupils. Is this an area where schools can make a real contribution in difficult times? Please give us your reactions in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. waterside09

    SchoolsImprove evidence of the suffering and often abuse experienced by children . Food bank is an enlightened intervention in school

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