Five-year-olds banned from school Christmas party for not doing homework 60 times

The Telegraph is reporting on a primary school that apparently banned pupils from its Christmas party unless they had their homework books signed 60 times then cancelled it at the last minute after parents complained. 

Ashley Infants School in New Milton, Hampshire, told five and six-year-old pupils they were banned from the Christmas party unless their parents had signed their homework books 60 times. 

Parents complained fearing the youngsters would miss out through no fault of their own and told senior staff it was unfair.

But instead of reversing the ban, staff cancelled the party just two hours before it was due to start. 

The pupils at the school already had their party clothes with them when their parents were told at 1.17pm that the 3.15pm party was cancelled…

A message sent to parents at 9.17am on Wednesday said: “Children attending disco today should be collected from classrooms at 4.15pm.” 

But at 1.17pm parents received: “Governors cancelled disco due to number of negative comments on Facebook…”  

Chair of Governors Vicky Oliver said: “We made the decision to cancel the party to support staff due to negative and unkind comments on social media.”

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The only Facebook comments reported in the Telegraph article seem fairly reasonable in the circumstances but there may of course have been worse ones out there. 

What do you think of what seems to have happened here and the way it has been handled by the school?

Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…

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  1. RobertYoung3

    An extraordinary state of affairs! As a governor for some twenty years plus, I have never been consulted about the management of a disco and would not expect to be! How can one justify a last minute decision to cancel a festive event for the children on the basis of the number of parental signatures in a homework book?And if the issue is to do with parental comments on social media, then that is surely a matter for discussion with parents and not an excuse for cancellation of an event which the children would have been looking forward to?

  2. Nairb1

    RobertYoung3 You’re correct. The Governors have no authority to cancel the disco nor instruct the head to do so. This is a day to day management decision and therefore outside the governors’ remit. Either the governors have overstepped the mark or they are providing cover for a poor management decision.

  3. CafeMenuSystems

    SchoolsImprove They cancelled the xmas party at short notice through parent criticism. How childish of the management!

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