First Greek Orthodox free school to open

The first state-funded Greek Orthodox secondary school in England is set to open next week in north London. This is from the BBC

St Andrew the Apostle School in Barnet will teach pupils aged 11 to 19, beginning this term with an initial Year 7 intake.

The school will teach Greek, Latin and classics, alongside the mainstream curriculum.

It will open as part of the free school initiative, in which state schools are set up by parents or other providers.

Half the pupils at the school are expected to come from Greek Orthodox backgrounds, with the remaining places available to other pupils.

The school will have an ethos influenced by the Greek Orthodox church and will aim to serve families in the Greek community in north London.

The word “ethos” is itself a Greek word meaning character.

This will be one of more than 100 free schools set to open this academic year.

But they have remained controversial, particularly with teachers’ unions.

More at:  First Greek Orthodox free school to open

Your thoughts on this? A welcome development for the greek Orthodox community or do you think any involvement of religion like this in schools is undesirable? Please share in the comments or on twitter… 

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