Fifth of staff working with children ‘do not have A-levels’

Almost 90,000 nursery workers and childminders fail to hold qualifications higher than a GCSE, despite growing alarm over skill levels in early education. This is from the Telegraph…

New figures show that 21 per cent of people working with young children are not qualified to A-level standard or above.

Staff in school-based or private nurseries were more likely to be trained to the highest levels than those employed as childminders, it was revealed.

Despite significant improvements over the last few years, some 41 per cent of childminders failed to hold qualifications higher than Level 2 – equivalent to at least a C grade at GCSE.

The disclosure comes just months after a major study commissioned by the Government found that some people looking after young children had such poor literacy skills that they would struggle to read a story aloud.

The review – carried out by Prof Cathy Nutbrown from Sheffield University – found that some pupils with the poorest academic records were pushed towards working with children as an alternative to hairdressing.

She has now called for all staff to be educated to A-level standard. Students will also be expected to have English and maths to GCSE level before they begin a childcare course.

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