FGM app launches as school holiday danger zone nears

Reuters is reporting that a new app designed to educate young people about female genital mutilation (FGM) has been launched as part of a government crackdown on people who take girls abroad to undergo the practice during the summer holidays…

Britain’s first FGM app, “Petals”, presents facts and information about the practice, offers a quiz to test the user’s knowledge and provides details on where young girls can receive help – including a direct link to an FGM advice line…

“Everyone has the right to live their life free from the fear of violence and abuse, and without experiencing the lasting trauma of female genital mutilation,” Nicky Morgan, Britain’s minister for women and equalities, said.

“We need to raise awareness of this barbaric practice and ensure people know it is unacceptable and illegal,” she added in a statement ahead of an event in Westminster to launch the app, which was developed at Coventry University.

The app was released a month after British Prime Minister David Cameron announced plans to fast-track new FGM protection orders in time for the school summer holidays in Britain.

The new legislation would see people suspected of trying to take a girl abroad for FGM asked to surrender their passport and travel documents, while those who breach the orders could face up to five years in prison.

The app, which is primarily aimed at girls and young women who are at risk from FGM, can be accessed on devices including smartphones and tablets, or a laptop, via an internet browser.

It has been designed to safeguard potentially vulnerable users by protecting their anonymity and making them untraceable…

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The app can be visited at: http://petals.coventry.ac.uk


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