Fewer pupils than ever taking English A-level as career-savvy students favour ’employable’ subjects

According to The Telegraph the number of 18-year-olds taking English has plummeted to 72,015, the lowest number since 2001 when the Joint Council for Qualifications’ records began. 

Barnaby Lenon, chair of the Independent Schools Council (ISC), “There seems to be a shift towards subjects which have more vocational use,” he said. “This may be related to university fees, with students wanting to get a good return on their investment and they don’t see English as offering such value.”

The GCSE English Language syllabus is “pretty pedestrian and utilitarian”, Geoff Baron, general secretary of the ASCL said, adding: “We are maybe seeing at A-level students who have been alienated from the study of English because they have found it very uninspiring in too many places.”

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  1. Judith Wilson

    Judging by a large percentage of the comments written on some local facebook pages, I would hazard a guess that there is an ever decreasing number of people even remotely capable of doing English A level. It would seem that a great many people between the ages of sixteen and thirty would benefit from going back to school to learn the basics, and I DO mean the basics, such as the difference between ‘there’, ‘they’re’ and ‘their’; ‘it’s’ and ‘its’; ‘no’ and ‘know’…the list goes on and on. I despair.

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