Fears over childcare as Osborne warns of cuts to education

George Osborne has warned that Britain needs an “education system we can afford” amid reports that the Treasury wants to make £2 billion of cuts to Michael Gove’s Whitehall department. This is from the Telegraph…

It is feared that the childcare budget could be slashed as part of the Chancellor’s Spending Review.

The Treasury is seeking £11.5 billion of savings across all departments and is expecting the Department for Education to submit to its share of cuts.

Mr Osborne has pledged to protect spending on schools, but it is reported that the protected part of that budget only covers children aged between five and 16.

That means areas such as childcare, pre-school provision and further education are all areas being looked at to absorb cuts.

Speaking at the G8 Summit in Northern Ireland, Mr Osborne defended the need for cuts to education and to the military.

“It’s obviously a very difficult time for those affected by these changes, but ultimately Britain has got to live within its means, we’ve got to be able to have an army we can afford or an education system we can afford and the like,” Mr Osborne said. “And that’s what we’ve set out to do with our plan to reduce the deficit.”

More (including a video report) at:  Fears over childcare as Osborne warns of cuts to education

This seems to be the story that won’t go away with a stream of different reports in recent weeks suggesting the Treasury is looking at ways to cut the ‘ring-fenced’ education budget. Recent whispers that teaching assistants could be culled seem to have originated at the Treasury – now we’re told they are looking at targeting pre-school, childcare and further education. Please tell us what you make of this…

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  1. RedMummy

    schooltruth Choose children. If they’re educated properly there “could” be world peace thus negating need for the military. #notachance

  2. RutilusAstrum

    schooltruth SchoolsImprove they love to set us against one another don’t they. Diversion tactics are their weapon of choice at present.

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