Fears over a declining leadership in Scottish schools due to recruitment crisis

The TES is reporting that a recent report has called for more action to be taken over the recent headteacher crisis in Scottish schools. 

A dearth of leadership talent could lead to a fall in Scottish school standards unless urgent action is taken to tackle the crisis in headteacher recruitment, according to a major report.

Ever-expanding demands on heads – as well as salaries offering little incentive for promotion – are deterring many outstanding teachers from applying for headships, the report finds. It says that a national action plan and a review of salary scales will be crucial to reversing that trend.

The report warns that unless “immediate action” is taken, the failure to recruit headteachers will become “one of the inhibitors to the progress of school improvement on a national scale andwill lead to significant operational difficulty locally”.

A government spokeswoman said: “While it is for local authorities to recruit headteachers, we are taking decisive action to reduce bureaucracy which will have a beneficial impact on the work of headteachers.”

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  1. Nairb1

    The government’s policy for England us to remove the headteacher of ‘failing schools.’ The commonest comment I hear from potential headteachers of challenging schools is along the lines of: ‘I daren’t risk it. I’ve got a family and mortgage to consider. If my job is on the line at the whim of a moving ‘failing school’ definition count me out.’

  2. The document describes the ‘increasing complexity’ of the role of heads.  ‘Whilst the role of headteacher as the key educator and leader of
    learning was still perceived as important, it was no longer the predominant activity,
    with other leadership and operational duties taking much time and energy.’
    When education is ‘no longer the predominant activity’ of heads, then education is surely stuffed.

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