Fear of other parents’ driving limits walking to school

The BBC is reporting a survey that suggests almost two-fifths of parents are put off from letting their primary-age children walk to school by fear of other parents’ driving…

Some 39% of 1,000 parents of five- to 11-year olds in Great Britain, surveyed for the charity Living Streets, said school-run traffic was dangerous.

And 42% had witnessed aggression between adults on the school run…

Almost two-thirds of those surveyed would like to see car-free zones outside both primary and secondary schools as well as 20mph speed limits in surrounding areas.

An overwhelming 95% agreed the government should commit to improving children’s health and fitness, while 76% said it should encourage more children to walk to school.

Some 82% supported greater use of schemes to make the walk to school safer and easier – for example the charity’s Park and Stride initiative which allows families to park in a safe place about 10 minutes from school and walk the rest of the way.

“Parents are telling us these issues should be a government priority, and we wholeheartedly agree,” said Living Streets chief executive Joe Irvin…

Some 40% of parents in the survey sample said their children were driven to school, while 56% said they usually walked…

The research, published to coincide Walk to School Week, was carried out online by YouGov in England, Scotland and Wales.

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See more from Living Streets at their website


Interesting the government’s own transport figures suggest fewer than half of all children actually walk to school so maybe this survey has picked up a fair few ‘shy drivers’ too?

I’m sure most of us would welcome more children walking to school for general health and well-being reasons, but now so many are used to being driven can you see the genie ever going back into the bottle?

Has your or your child’s school been able to turn things around? If so, please let us know how it was achieved and share you best tips and feedback…


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