FE college teaching ‘must improve’, says Labour

A group advising Labour is calling for a tougher line on teaching standards in further education colleges. This is from the BBC…

Teaching staff in further education should have at least good GCSE grades in English and maths, says Labour’s Skills Taskforce.

There are also calls for all teachers of vocational subjects to spend time each year in industry.

A Department for Education spokeswoman said “decisive action” was being taken to “transform vocational education”.

The report, set out by Labour shadow ministers Stephen Twigg and Chuka Umunna, argues that further education colleges are important for providing skills, but there is a need for higher standards of teaching.

Figures from the Association of Colleges show there are many more 16 to 18 year-olds studying in FE colleges than in state school sixth forms.

A third of people going into higher education also come from FE colleges.

But the opposition spokesmen are calling for improvements in the quality of teaching.

“Labour is unapologetic in seeking higher standards in vocational education and training. We would be relentless in driving up the quality of teaching in further education, particularly in English and maths,” says Mr Twigg, shadow education secretary.

Under the opposition’s plans, teachers would need to have grades A* to C in English and maths or their equivalents.

Mr Umunna, shadow business secretary, emphasised the need to integrate colleges with the “world of work, business and industry”.

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  1. MesmaUK

    SchoolsImprove def not all bad but emphasis can be too much on assessment as opposed to teaching – particularly in work based learning.

  2. RBPBootcamp

    SchoolsImprove My experience of working in FE highlighted the chasm between tutors & management & the indifference to work skills training

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