Father of teenage boy who had sex with his teacher warned the school of his concerns

The Mail is reporting that the father of the teenage boy who had a sexual relationship with his teacher warned the school of his concerns months before the pair were found half naked in a lay-by…

Jonathan Robinson suspected 27-year-old Eppie Sprung Dawson and his son Matthew, who was 17, may have had an inappropriate relationship when he saw them flirting at a rugby game.

Sprung Dawson and Matthew, who is now 18, were found in a car by a police patrol car on the evening of a dance at St Joseph’s College in Dumfries last December.

The English teacher, who had been just four years into her career when she had seduced the dyslexic teenager, was naked from the waist down.

In July, she admitted in court to having sex with her student and was ordered to complete a course of psychosexual counselling and placed on the sex offenders register for six months.

On Monday she was found to be ‘unfit to teach’ by a disciplinary panel, and banned indefinitely from the profession.

Mr Robinson saw her speaking to his son at a rugby game last autumn and described her conduct as ‘peculiar’.

He told The Times: ‘They were at the rugby club, she was talking to us, and the way she behaved with the teenage boys was quite childlike, acting like a giggly schoolgirl. 

‘Then one of the teachers came along and she just changed. It was like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I asked my wife to tell the school, and they said they would look into it.’

He said that on other occasions the school had phoned him to ask why his son was not in lessons – only to find him in Sprung Dawson’s classroom.

Mr Robinson said that the teenager moved out of the family’s farmhouse in Dumfries and into the shamed teacher’s marital home three months ago after a row with his mother over tidying his room.

The couple are now in a relationship…

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  1. mummultitasking

    SchoolsImprove what’s happened to professionalism and it’s not relevant that he’s dyslexic .she abused a position of trust. Disgraceful

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