Fake news plague is spreading to schoolchildren’s homework says teachers’ union

The Express reports that pupils more than a third of teachers say that students have cited false information they have found online, according to a poll by the NASUWT teaching union.

Union general secretary Chris Keates said the finding was “worrying” and shows the power that internet firms have in shaping public opinion, especially among young people.

The finding, part of an NASUWT poll on social media and technology, comes just weeks after a leading international education expert said that children should be taught in schools how to recognise fake news.

In total, 34 per cent of the union members surveyed said that in the past year they have seen pupils citing clearly fake news or false information from the internet as fact in their work or classroom discussions.

“It is worrying that over a third of teachers had experienced pupils citing fake news or inaccurate information they had found online as fact in their work or during classroom discussions,” Miss Keates said.

She said that teachers are trying to help educate pupils when they cite false information, but added that as with other forms of technology misuse, it is important for online providers to “take responsibility for the material hosted on their platforms and to take steps to tackle those who seek to misuse these sites.”

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  1. Simon Foster

    It is nothing new,

    I recall helping my son doing some primary school homework, it was on different groups of animals,

    We included a ‘Whoop’ of Gorillas and a ‘Flange’ of Baboons

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