Faith schools not targeted with snap inspections, Ofsted insists

The TES is reporting that Ofsted has insisted faith schools are not being disproportionately targeted in a drive to ensure British values are being taught…

A third of the schools targeted in a wave of snap inspections failed to ensure students were “well prepared for life in modern Britain”, the watchdog has announced.

Of the 35 schools which were subjected to no-notice inspections in September and October, 23 saw their overall grade drop, with 10 declining by at least two grades.

“In 11 of these schools, inspectors found that pupils were not being well prepared for life in modern Britain,” an Ofsted statement said. “A number of schools were failing to teach respect for other faiths or developing pupils’ awareness and knowledge of communities different from their own.”

Nine of the schools inspected were faith schools, including Catholic, Church of England, Muslim and Jewish schools. The schools were selected because of concerns about their curriculum, a fall in standards, poor behaviour or issues around leadership and governance…

More at: Faith schools not targeted with snap inspections, Ofsted insists


Any further thoughts on the type of schools being targeted in this wave of inspections or the way they have been conducted? Any suspicion that there has been a determined effort to ensure the focus is not just on Muslim schools after the initial Trojan horse controversy? Please let us know in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove Whether it’s true or not the fact is that people don’t trust Ofsted anymore which makes their usefulness limited at best

  2. LaCatholicState

    SchoolsImprove Strange…I was taught to respect all people….not necessarily all beliefs. Ofsted not known for its intellectual rigor

  3. Johnthe14th

    SchoolsImprove For: “well prepared for life in modern Britain”, read: “have swallowed multicultural dogma without question.”

  4. MikkiL

    SchoolsImprove Trojan schools have threatened Ofsted if they suddenly inspect – time for ofsted to do their job or disband now

  5. Johnthe14th

    SchoolsImprove When Islamic schools teach Christianity, and invite Pastors to lead worship, then I will say Ofstednews has got it right.

  6. Johnthe14th

    SchoolsImprove Muslims, equally, need to be made “aware” that they happen to be living in a predominantly Christian country. Ofstednews

  7. Johnthe14th

    SchoolsImprove To this day no-one has actually defined the Education Department’s so-called “British Values”. What the hell are they?

  8. Johnthe14th

    SchoolsImprove Furthermore, what became of the governments ‘consultation’ on school standards? When do we get to see the results?

  9. Azamore

    How come five faith schools were targeted with snap inspections in County Durham, Sunderland, Middlesbrough, Gateshead and Northumberland yesterday. All on the day this came out in TES. Lies, damn lies, damn Ofsted.

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