Faith schools cut exam questions on evolution

The Sunday Times is reporting that exam boards have been accused of colluding with faith schools to “censor” exam papers that contain questions on evolution and human reproduction…

The boards are said to be “accommodating creationism in the classroom” by working with schools that want to remove questions in GCSE papers that conflict with their religious beliefs.

One of England’s most respected exam boards, OCR, has a policy of reaching agreement with faith schools about removing such questions. Papers obtained under the Freedom of Information Act show the board believes it is important to respect the schools’ need to do this “in view of their religious beliefs”.

The move has been condemned by key figures in the education world who accuse the board of helping to deny children the right to take part fully in exams and learn the full curriculum.

The policy emerged after an ultra-orthodox Jewish girls’ school in north London was said to have redacted a question in a GCSE science paper on evolution because it conflicted with religious teaching…

OCR said it did not want schools to remove questions themselves and preferred to work with them to protect the “integrity” of the exam and prevent cheating…

More at: Faith schools cut exam questions on evolution (subscription required)

Do you think this an acceptable thing to be happening or not? Either way, let us have your opinions in the comments or via twitter…

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  1. FionaTipper

    SchoolsImprove should not be allowed, kids who have no religious beliefs have to sit thru compulsory RS lessons!

  2. Janet2

    There should be no tinkering with exams – the same questions should be given to all schools which enter pupils.

    Perhaps other schools should consider boycotting OCR if it attempts to offer different schools different questions for whatever reason.

  3. nrcantor

    SchoolsImprove Fail. You can’t teach biology w/o evolution, or physics w/o Big Bang. Exam integrity is being violated.

  4. k

    If a question is redacted it can’t be answered. Therefore not all marks are available. Therefore someone is benefitting from this. And so the results of this exam cannot be fair.
    Or am I missing something?

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