‘Failing’ Snaresbrook Primary School will not become an academy, announces DfE

According to the East London and West Essex Guardian, the DfE has announced that a primary school placed in special measures will not be forced to become an academy…

Snaresbrook Primary School, in Meadow Walk, was classified as failing by Ofsted in June and faced being turned into an academy, in line with government policy.

Parents were joined by Redbridge Council in fighting the move, claiming they had faith in the current management and significant improvements were being made.

As campaigners today prepare to deliver a petition with 2,000 signatures to Downing Street, the Department of Education has said it will not force the school to change its status.

Explaining the decision, a spokesman said: “Our policy remains unchanged – we cannot stand by when a school is judged inadequate and believe that becoming an academy with the support of a strong sponsor is the best way to ensure rapid and sustained improvement.

“Snaresbrook Primary School does not have a history of underperformance and has made significant progress after being judged to require special measures by Ofsted in June. We therefore do not plan to intervene to convert Snaresbrook to an academy.

“However, being judged inadequate by Ofsted is extremely serious and we will continue to monitor the school’s progress in coming out of special measures.”

Parents claimed turning the school into an academy was unnecessary and would remove accountability.

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  1. marieannswift

    SchoolsImprove antiacademies there is no such thing as failing – just place reflecting community challenge – help and assistance needed

  2. acet2001

    SchoolsImprove How have they judged that sig progress has been made since June? Or maybe they had decent KS2 results and OFSTED was wrong?

  3. covrules

    SchoolsImprove 1/2 absolutely right decision: great leadership is what improves schools not just private companies. DfE should risk assess

  4. covrules

    SchoolsImprove 2/2 Sch leadership before deciding best route. If leadership is good & 1st HMI monitoring visit is good then just monitor

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