Extra PE cash is having positive effect, say ministers

The BBC is reporting government research that suggests children in nine out of 10 primary schools in England are getting better PE lessons thanks to new sport funding…

Researchers asked more than 500 schools how they were spending the government’s £150m-a-year PE and Sport Premium.

Education Secretary Nicky Morgan said she was delighted the money was “having a positive effect”.

The Sport and Recreation Alliance said it was a “shot in the arm” after other PE funding cuts under the coalition.

The PE and Sport Premium was introduced a year ago. The money, worth more than £9,000 a year to a 250 pupil primary school, goes directly to headteachers.

Its introduction followed complaints the government had “turned its back on on school sport” and undermined the Olympic legacy following London 2012.

In 2010, £162m of ring-fenced funding for the national School Sport Partnerships (SSPs) was abolished, provoking an outcry. The network enabled well-equipped “hub” secondary schools to lend PE teachers to those that needed them, especially primary schools.

Ministers say the Premium, which will continue until 2020, is enough to pay for a PE teacher two days a week.

The government commissioned NatCen Social Research to find out how primary schools had spent the money.

Interviews carried out in primary schools between April and July this year found

  • Three-quarters had used the money on new equipment or to provide after-school sports clubs
  • A fifth said they had made after-school club sports completely free
  • 84% said the money had helped them boost pupils’ engagement with PE during lessons
  • 83% said more pupils were attending after-school sports clubs.
  • 91% reported an improvement in the quality of PE teaching, with the remainder saying it had stayed the same
  • 96% said pupils were fitter and healthier
  • 93% saw better behaviour among pupils
  • 63% said they had increased the number of competitive sport fixtures against other schools

The researchers found that the proportion of schools using specialist PE teachers rose from about a fifth (22%), to over half (54%).

The improvements were most marked in schools with a high proportion of free school meals.

Over half of schools with more than a quarter of pupils on free school meals said the money had helped them improve sporting facilities – compared with 39% of schools with the lowest levels of pupils receiving free meals…

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Do you share these positive sentiments about the impact of the PE and Sport Premium? What impact has it had at your/your child’s school? Please share in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove A govt study is analysed by a govt minister in the run up to an election & one of their policies is brilliant. Wow! Really?

  2. stevendobner

    andylutwyche SchoolsImprove It is in my school. Spent the money on coaching & sports like fencing. 1 student now represents the county

  3. andylutwyche

    stevendobner SchoolsImprove I’m not saying it’s not working at all – any money must help. What I’m pointing out is the lazy journalism

  4. ajjolley

    SchoolsImprove So Gove cut PE funding, the resultant outrage forced him to introduce replacement funding
    We are now told how great that is?

  5. ajjolley

    SchoolsImprove let’s remember this gives a basic fixed amount to schools. Then £5 per child per year
    A fiver!
    That’s all!
    PE needs more £

  6. ajjolley

    SchoolsImprove extra? It is less than the SSP funding they cut and allocated a fixed amount to school then exactly £5 per child #notenough

  7. ajjolley

    Jack_Marwood SchoolsImprove & no doubt we will continue to hear of #freeschoolmeals successes without anyone looking at cost of the policy

  8. jess_madge

    SchoolsImprove This was the money that came through just after SSP staff made redundant. Now being “bought in” directly I guess.

  9. Sam_Peepz

    SchoolsImprove Another example of Michael Gove getting it spot on right. Those protesting against the cut to SSPs were on the gravy train.

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