Exclusive: Remote schools facing ‘educational isolation’ new report warns

TES is reporting that schools are facing an ‘educational isolation’ that goes beyond just being based in remote areas, a new report is set to warn.

Researchers say that coastal and rural schools can also be isolated professionally, economically and culturally meaning they lack the resources they need to improve.

Professor Ovenden-Hope describes what many remote schools face as “educational isolation” which is not only geographic but can also be professional, social and economic.

She said: “That includes being able to recruit and retain teachers but also access to other schools for support and professional development, support from universities, local stable employment, or access to funded educational initiatives.”

According to the new report, seen by Tes, the economic disadvantages include  a lack of large-scale employers nearby which means schools are unable to attract the types of funding and support offered in more densely populated areas “that could introduce new learning and motivate pupils.”

Interviewees reported that schools “needed to invest considerable time, money and effort in introducing children to different ethnicities and lifestyles; comparison was drawn with more populated areas that have a diverse population and in which cultural diversity is part of everyday life.”

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