Exclusive: Ofsted Chief Inspector says parents cannot ‘pick and choose’ over LGBT lessons

In comments aimed squarely at Tory leadership contender Esther McVey, Ofsted boss Amanda Spielman urged people to respect the Equality Act as she defended lessons that prepare children for “life in modern Britain”. Huff Post reports.

McVey attracted widespread anger this week when she said parents should be able to withdraw children from relationship education on religious grounds until they are as old as 16.

But Spielman questioned “where would it end” as she voiced fears parents would demand children are removed from science lessons “because they didn’t want their children knowing about evolution or reproduction”. 

“To be clear, this is about the Equality Act, which says children must be taught respect for the protected characteristics and to the extent we have got a case where it says this isn’t a pick and choose whichever one’s parents feel like.”

She said: “The idea that, on the one hand, children need to be prepared for life in modern Britain and this is an obligation for all schools, yet at the same time parents can opt out completely … well, what would you do if parents could opt out of biology, could opt out of geography, because they didn’t want their children knowing about evolution or reproduction? Where would it end? 

“At the point you start saying every parent can choose which topics, we have completely lost sight of a national curriculum, of a national education system that prepares all children in this country.” 

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  1. Carole Ann

    I agree with Amanda Speilman!! My school is currently having problems with a parent who doesn’t like her children hearing about racist attacks ‘because it frightens them’ and wants to take them out of whole school assembly just in case they hear something they – the parents – don’t like. I think letting parents opt out is a slippery slope and instead parents need to be educated as to their responsibilities to their child and the wider world.

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