Exclusive: DfE slammed for refusing to publish baseline trial results

More than 300 schools and 3,000 pupils took part in trials last term – but results will not be published, TES is reporting.

Early years experts have called for the results of the trials of the new Reception baseline assessment to be published.

Trials were carried out in more than 300 schools last term, but the Department for Education has not shared the findings and says it has no plans to do so.

Sue Cowley, teacher educator and author, said the information should be made public. “This is £10 million of taxpayers’ money being used to develop a compulsory test for a non-statutory phase of education,” she said. “The public has a right to know what the trial data shows.”

Beatrice Merrick, chief executive of early years association Early Education, said: “Transparency would be a good thing. There should be an expectation that the DfE will publish the trial results.”

Last week, the Standards and Testing Agency, which oversees the statutory tests in England, published the Reception baseline assessment framework, a supporting document and video, which gives details on how the tests will work.

The supporting document revealed that the trial data led to the decision not to include an assessment of “self-regulation” alongside maths and language, communication and literacy tests – partly because teachers were unsure of the purpose and it took longer to administer than other tasks.

The DfE has said that it is not normal practice to publish trial results but it is planning to publish the results of the pilots.

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