Catholic education chief says total religious segregation in schools is ‘dreadful’

TES is reporting that the government’s plans for religious segregation has been criticised by the Catholic education chief.

The man responsible for opening new Catholic schools says students of different faiths can share same values. The director of the Catholic Education Service (CES) has said that he thinks that the government’s return to schools segregated entirely by religion is “dreadful”.

This autumn, the government proposed lifting its requirement that new faith schools must offer half of their places to children of other religions or none. This would allow faith schools to select entirely on the basis of religion.

But CES director Paul Barber does not believe this would be to the benefit of schools or pupils. “The move back to schools of 100 per cent one faith is dreadful,” he said.

“We’re very clear about the nature of the education that we’re offering: an unapologetically Catholic education. If others want to be part of that, then we want to have the spaces to be able to welcome them. That’s a real blessing for the pupils: to have children of other faiths in our schools.”

More at: Exclusive: Catholic education chief says total religious segregation in schools is ‘dreadful’

Does lifting this requirement necessarily mean total religious segregation or do you think that some schools will continue to accept pupils of other religious? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or via Twitter. ~ Meena

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  1. Good to hear a religious leader criticising segregated schools on grounds of faith.  By all means have religious ethos schools but they should be open to all children.  There would be an element of self-selection, of course, but no school should be able to discriminate on grounds of religious belief.

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