Excluded students being abandoned and failed by education system, MPs warn

A rising number of students are “abandoned” after being excluded from school in what is a growing education “scandal”, MPs have warned. The Independent reports.

There is a “lack of moral accountability” among many schools which have no incentive to keep on “challenging” pupils, the Commons’ Education Committee said.

Parents are forced to deal with an exclusion system like the “Wild West” with too many pupils moved to alternative provision who should not be there, the report noted.

The MPs have called for schools to be held accountable for all pupils that have spent time at the school – through altered league table measures and the introduction of an “inclusion” measure.

“The exclusions process is currently weighted in favour of schools and leaves parents and pupils fighting a system that should be supporting them,” the report said.

The committee has recommended introducing a “bill of rights” for pupils and their parents which it said should include a commitment that schools publish their exclusions rates every term.

Examining the reasons for a rise in exclusions, the report said there was evidence of a rise in “zero-tolerance” behaviour policies which were creating school environments “where pupils are punished and ultimately excluded” for incidents that could and should have been managed by the school.

Conservative MP Robert Halfon, chair of the committee, said: “We need a Bill of Rights for parents and pupils who access alternative provision and they deserve someone in their corner to be their champion during the often-difficult process of trying to get the best possible support.”

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  1. Anonymous

    Poor parenting has to be taken into account here. Yes, there are SEN issues which MUST be taken into account but there are some students who have no i9dea of what the word boundaries mean and have no social skills. Their behaviour is compounded by parenst who have no idea what the purpose of school is as well. At what point
    teachers who are at times, facing persistent horrendous behaviour able to do the job they actually trained for. Most importantly, the majority of the students who try their best at all times become the forgotten lot and soon learn that society only pays you real attention when you are really bad.

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