Exams put children under ‘vile, cruel pressure’, head of Wellington says

The Telegraph is reporting that Sir Anthony Seldon has said children should not be told school is the best days of their lives because they are under ‘intolerable’ pressure to perform…

Sir Anthony, the head of Wellington College, said adults should not tell children that school days would be their happiest time, running the risk of leaving them demoralised and fearing the future.

Saying Britain had done “terrible things” to its students, he claimed “intolerable pressure” had been placed on young people thanks to exams and league tables.

Speaking at the Oxford Literary Festival, he told an audience that education authorities had played a “cruel, vile trick” on children by convincing them exam results were the only way to validate their worth…

He added: “I think that we have done terrible things to children in the interests of careers of head teachers and teachers and school league tables and government statistics and international comparisons…

Sir Anthony’s book, Beyond Happiness, is out now…

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Sir Anthony is selling a book on happiness so is perhaps trying to stress a point, but your thoughts and reactions to his comments about education and the focus on exam results?


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  1. MikeHaines20

    SchoolsImprove Thank God for at least one more voice of common sense – was beginning to think we had all been brainwashed by tests & exams

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