Exam board ‘lacked understanding of handing marks on time’, says report

The Telegraph is reporting that a new report claims a leading exam board showed a “lack of understanding” of how crucial exam results are at the start of the allocation of places by universities.

…The Oxford, Cambridge and RSA (OCR) was the subject of an investigation by the exam regulator, Ofqual, last year after the exam board experienced a delay in marking because of IT problems. 

A new Ofqual report that followed the investigation into marking issues at OCR last summer also said it was not prosecuting the exam board because in the end it delivered the exam results on time. 

OCR has acknowledged marking didn’t go “as smoothly” as it would have wished for but that it delivered the results on time. 

The report said: “OCR demonstrated a lack of understanding of the critical role that the data from exam boards plays in the very early days of allocating university places. 

“It appears that only after the joint meeting between OCR, Ofqual and Ucas on 31st July did OCR senior managers understand fully the significant effect that an anticipated shortfall of marked A Level papers would have on a significant percentage of students going into clearing…”

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Do you support Ofqual for taking the OCR to task over this?

Let’s face it, one way or another more and more university places are going to be determined post A-level results so, unless the timetable is changed, being able to get the job of marking done promptly will become increasingly important.


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