Exam board criticised after A-level regrade adds 21 marks

The Times is reporting that an A-level student has raised concerns about marking after one of his exam papers was re-graded from a D to an A when he challenged it…

Jack Lane was aghast when he was told he had been awarded an additional 21 marks after a second examiner checked his script. He has since been inundated with messages from fellow A-level students after writing an open letter to the OCR exam board on Facebook…

Originally, the OCR exam board awarded him 63 marks out of 120, the equivalent of a D, for his paper on pre-1800 drama and poetry. When it was returned, the marks had shot up to 84, equivalent to an A grade, and his overall grade was pushed from B to A.

The initial grade did not affect Mr Lane’s university prospects as he had an unconditional offer to study English and philosophy at the University of Nottingham. “If this had happened to another student, it is very possible that they may not [have] been accepted into university,” he says in his online post…

An OCR spokesman said: “We have offered our deepest apologies to Jack for the incorrect result, for which an individual examiner was at fault. Fortunately Jack’s experience is a rare one and early indications suggest that the number of such re-grades this year may be an improvement on last year.”…

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Have you been involved in any A level remarks this summer? If so, have you seen any as dramatic as this one? How can a second examiner find a third more marks on the same paper as the original one? Please share your experiences and insights in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. jochambers

    SchoolsImprove had an Edexcel History unit 3 upped 20 marks last year. No explanation. Surely there should be when huge differences found.

  2. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove This is not that uncommon. Heard of a student who was awarded a B on results day, staff questioned it & it was amended to A*

  3. Yvstei

    SchoolsImprove happens all the time in MFL. Problem is if board spots a trend in remarks going up dramatically, they then cover their backs

  4. Yvstei

    SchoolsImprove dramatic remark results for one paper but as more and more pupils went in for remark, they stopped just below grade boundary

  5. ClarkePhil

    andylutwyche No, I’m head of Sixth Form and we’ve seen some shocking increases during re-marks. One was over 30% with AQA at A2.

  6. andylutwyche

    ClarkePhil What with that and the endless political tinkering no wonder employers don’t entirely trust our exam system

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