Ex-Chetham’s music school teacher facing sex offence charges found dead

The Guardian is reporting that a former violin teacher who faced extradition to Britain for allegedly sexually abusing pupils at Chetham music school shot himself on Tuesday when United States marshals came to arrest him at his home in Los Angeles.

The marshals found Chris Ling dead from a gunshot wound after they entered his home in Sherman Oaks at about 6am, Laura Vega, a marshals service spokesperson, told the Guardian.

“We attempted to serve an arrest warrant on Christopher Ling and, in the course of that process, he shot himself,” Vega said. “I believe they were making their way to the room where he was and before they got there he shot himself.” 

Ling was due to face 72 charges of sex offences against former pupils at Chetham’s school of music, where he taught violin in the 1980s. He had reinvented himself in California as a showbusiness talent manager.

US authorities agreed several weeks ago to extradite Ling, 57, 18 months after Britain’s Crown Prosecution Service sought to bring him back to England.

Marshals did not flag their plan to arrest him but the former teacher appeared to know what their arrival signified. “When we knocked on the door, that was possibly his notification,” said Vega. There was believed to be no one else at home at at the time, she said…

British detectives felt they had a “cast iron” case against Ling. Eleven of his victims had provided witness statements to Greater Manchester police (GMP) and were ready to testify in court…

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