‘Every teacher should try special education’

I remember at university that specialised ASN (additional support needs) and inclusion was a module choice – you only did it if you were interested in it and chose it. This made me think back then that perhaps I was being silly choosing this and not something more curriculum-based, just as the demands of a soon-to-be new teacher were closing in on me. Tes reports

Fast-forward 10  years and I now know that I’m a “specialist” teacher for life. However, when I speak to some mainstream colleagues, they express anxiety or fear around working in ASN. I often hear comments like “I could never do that” or “does it not get boring?”.

So, I’d like to give a few reasons why every teacher should try working in special at some point and maybe give a bit more info about why teachers stay in a specialist environment:

Challenging yourself

It takes a certain individual to work with children and young people who have potentially life-limiting conditions. You know how emotionally tied you feel towards a class anyway? Well, this is magnified when you’re working with young people who are particularly vulnerable and in need of care. Don’t let this scare you away – you might find you’re exactly the right kind of person to help with this.

Read more reasons why you should give it a go ‘Every teacher should try special education’ 

Have you considered trying special education or have you already made the move? What have you learnt about yourself by doing it? Please tell us your thoughts in comments or via Twitter ~ Tamsin

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