Eton head: Private schools too expensive for “squeezed” middle-class

The Telegraph is reporting claims from the head of Eton College that the best independent schools have become too expensive for “squeezed” middle-class families…

Despite efforts to recruit pupils from poorer homes with bursaries, fees at leading boarding schools, which regularly exceed £30,000 a year, have put them out of the reach of middle-class parents, according to Tony Little.

Figures from the Independent Schools Council (ISC) show that fees at independent schools have again increased above the rate of inflation, with average charges up by 3.6 per cent this year.

Mr Little told the Telegraph ahead of a speech at the Boarding Schools’ Association Conference in London: “If you’re talking about this phrase ‘the squeezed middle’ not being able to afford [fee-paying schools], that is a concern to a lot of people.”

Mr Little said Eton was fortunate to be able to afford to offer fees assistance to students from a range of backgrounds, but that was not the case with other schools…

More at: Eton head: Private schools too expensive


Lots of discussion over these latest figures on independent school numbers, overseas students and fees.

Are private schools increasingly becoming a product for wealthy families from overseas, or, moving forwards, will they still have a core role to play for children from this country?

Please give us your take on the status of the sector in the comments or via Twitter…


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  1. aisha_rsh

    SchoolsImprove That’s why Tories been so keen on free schs, pushy posh parents given millions of cash for selective start-up schs #edchat

  2. sacha_mbe

    SchoolsImprove considering the average borders fee is 30k and non boarding 18k no shit Sherlock the average family can’t afford it!

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