Essex school shocked by revelations over teacher’s death

The Guardian is reporting that parents at an Essex school have expressed shock at the news that a deputy headmaster secretly filmed pupils undressing in changing rooms…

Martin Goldberg, 46, a maths teacher at Thorpe Hall school in Southend, killed himself this month after being visited by detectives.

Jonathan Gorridge, a parent governor whose son has been at the school for a year, said of Goldberg: “He was well-respected and I should imagine that parents are feeling very shocked about it. From what I have gathered he was a very well-liked person, he was a teacher and a man in a position of authority.”

Shelia Goldsworthy, a governor at the school for the last two years, said Goldberg’s death and then the revelations about the indecent images amounted to a “tragic situation”. “The impact has been one of shock,” she said. “People in this very tight community are gathering together and supporting one another.”

One of Goldberg’s former pupils told the Guardian she was “floored” by the news. “You wouldn’t think he was dodgy in that way at all,” she said. “I thought his life revolved around the school. I can’t stress enough how valued he was at the school.”

Tributes paid to Goldberg following his death described him as a “much-loved teacher, colleague, deputy head and, for many of us, our friend”. The school had been preparing a vigil for the teacher before details of his secret filming emerged.

Anne Jones, Southend borough councillor responsible for children and learning, said: “As a parent myself, I can understand how upsetting this must be to all those concerned. The council’s primary focus at this time are the children and families directly involved from Thorpe Hall school.”…

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Awful situation and sense of betrayal for all involved. No doubt there will be lots of questions asked about how this but probably no easy answers. Your thoughts? Please share in the comments or via Twitter… 


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  1. echeadmaster

    SchoolsImprove A tragic tale. The internet makes easily available vile images to those least able to resist temptation. Tragic in every way

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