English students paying highest tuition fees in the world, according to study

The Independent is reporting that students in England are paying the highest university tuition fees in the world according to a report from the OECD.

Its annual state-of-the-nation report on world education systems shows the £9,000 fee being charged at most universities means that – on average – English students are paying more than their counterparts in the United States.

Researchers acknowledged that the high cost of fees at America’s Ivy League universities could push its average higher but insisted that was still lower than the English figure.

However, Andreas Schleicher, head of education of the OECD, argued that the English system was “fair, efficient and likely to be sustainable”. Students do not have to pay any fees upfront – taking out loans to pay for their courses.

The figures in the report show that 19 per cent of the English higher education system was funded by private sources compared with just 14 per cent on average for European countries. It is still far behind the US figure of 46 per cent.

Mr Schleicher said the UK Government appeared to have made a “wise choice” in determining its present system. One of the spin-offs was more money coming into higher education at a time of recession which had paid off in allowing them to pay higher salaries for professors. Despite the high fees, take-up of university courses is high…

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You can read or download the entire Education at a Glance report from the OECD:



Mr Schleicher appears to be supportive of the UK system here but should we be concerned that our system in England has the highest tuition fees in the world?

In return for those fees, are we creating the best educated graduates on the planet too?

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