Is it the end of term yet? Six ways to tell Christmas is almost here

The TES have highlighted six ways to tell whether Christmas is nearly upon us!

Every year, there are certain signs that the Christmas holidays have almost arrived.

Not those signs that go up straight after half term saying “Stock up for Christmas” – they are weeks too early.

Not the Facebook post of a teacher at another school who is sipping a gingerbread latte at 11am on a Tuesday – she has just quit teaching.

No. Teachers only know Christmas really is imminent when they look up to see that there are just three children left in class without the flu – after it took them 10 minutes to break through the curtain of tinsel into their classroom that day.

Other signs include:

A horse turning up in the playground


A homage to the spoof Ladybird books on their Twitter feed


The headteacher ordering in dozens of oranges, candles and dolly-mix


The children are winding down, right down…


…In fact, discipline has never been easier


But, for some teachers even all that is not enough. For the most hard-pressed or sceptical teacher, only that special flying no-notice inspection will do.


Do any of these signs sound familiar? Let us know in the comments below or via Twitter. ~ Meena


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