Election countdown: Teachers are pessimistic about the election, and here’s why

The TES reports that “Funding cuts have already hit schools hard. Even if more money is pumped into education it will take years to rebuild”, says one teacher.

Funding, grammar schools, and political meddling are among the reasons teachers have given for their overwhelming pessimism how this week’s election will affect schools.

In an online Tes survey completed by more than 1,200 primary, secondary and special school teachers, three-quarters said they did not think schools would improve as a result of this week’s general election. Only a quarter said schools would improve.

We asked teachers why they felt the way they did. Here is a selection of their comments from the survey:

Primary teachers who think things will get better:

  • Both Conservative and Labour have made clear that they intend to improve schools and I have faith that they will attempt to improve schools to some extent.”
  • “Because of intense public pressure from those working in education as well as other professionals who work with education and parents of those in education, I sincerely hope schools can improve by being given the appropriate funding they deserve!”

Primary teachers who do not think things will get better:

  • “Education is too politicised. Until this changes and educators are respected, education will be used as a political football.”
  • “I think that the Conservatives are likely to win. If they scrap school meals, we all have employed staff who will need redundancy payments and we will have parents who still expect us to provide them. The new formula funding is set to hit us hard and I’m already having to make cuts to staffing and resources because of this year’s budget.”

Secondary school teachers who think things will get better

  • “Realism within the political establishment regarding funding, pressure and most importantly recruitment and retention.”

Secondary school teachers who do not think things will get better

  • “Politicians want to be in charge of something they do not understand.”

  • “Not only about politics but the general cultural attitude to education is poor at the moment.”

Read more comments from teachers Election countdown: Teachers are pessimistic about the election, and here’s why

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