Election 2015: Tories pledge 600,000 new childcare places

The BBC is reporting that David Cameron has confirmed he will create 600,000 extra free childcare places if he is returned to power next month…

…Under the £350m Conservative plans, the amount of state-subsidised childcare for three and four year-olds would be doubled to 30 hours a week.

Labour said it was “another unfunded announcement”, accusing the Conservatives of “desperation”.

The Liberal Democrats said the plans “ignore working families with the youngest children”…

The Conservatives said the 30-hour offer from 2017, announced a week ago, would result in more than 600,000 extra 15-hour free childcare places every year.

They said the proposal would be funded by reducing tax relief on pension contributions.

Labour has pledged 25 hours of free childcare a week and the Liberal Democrats 20 hours, although both parties also plan to extend the offer to younger children.

Mr Cameron said his government inherited a “shocking” situation, “where couples were spending as much on childcare as one of them took home in earnings”…


So, 15 hours from UKIP, 20 from the Liberal Democrats, 25 from Labour and now 30 from the Conservatives.

What a shame they didn’t get into a bidding war over total schools spending – that might have been helpful.

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  1. Busy Mum

    My family has had free childcare 24/7/365 days per year, all at no cost to the taxpayer. My children’s welfare is ‘priceless’ and is worth far more than any amount of money I could have earned by going out to work. Of course, the only loser is the exchequer as my contribution to the tax coffers is nil.

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