Eight out of 10 governors give government ‘negative’ verdict

The TES is reporting that school governors have issued the Conservative government with a major vote of no confidence after its first full year in power, according to a landmark survey.

More than three-quarters of governors have given the government’s performance a “negative” rating. Just over half also see the Tories’ first year in power as “very negative”, the joint TES and National Governors’ Association (NGA) research shows.

Less than 7 per cent of school governors support ministers’ ultimate goal of universal academisation, while 85.6 per cent oppose it, according to the survey, which gathered more than 5,000 responses.

Emma Knights, NGA chief executive, said governors were increasingly concerned that ministers’ main focus was on school structures rather than other issues that her members viewed as more pressing.

“There’s a feeling that school funding, leadership recruitment and, increasingly, teacher recruitment have not been high enough up the government’s agenda,” Ms Knights said. “There’s a sense that there has not been enough focus on the serious issues governors are grappling with. Funding is a huge concern for governors. It is top of their list of worries.

“No governor wants to sit on a board that is looking at teacher redundancies and staff restructuring, but that is what they are facing in the coming years.”

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