‘Education shouldn’t be survival of the fittest’

Competition brings out the best in some people. It fires their sinews and propels them forward to greatness. I am not one of these people. Competition awakens my flight, not fight, mode. It makes me want to drop out and sleep. In Darwinian terms, I’m a waste of space. A teacher writes in Tes.

Which is not to say I dislike a bit of healthy competition. I would hate to teach without maths knockouts and spelling slam downs; I think a sports day without winners is completely pointless; and my autumn term would be infinitely poorer without Bake Off.  

I once heard a headteacher tell a crowded hall of parents how lucky they were to have their children in the school and – to emphasise the point –  they namechecked all the local schools as being hugely inferior.

All of which made me wonder whether some aspects of present-day education: school places, public ranking of children, selective schools are not so much of a race as a fait accompli.

And when times are tight, the competition naturally intensifies. Backing paper, glue sticks, funding for music lessons and teaching assistants: all are running out and difficult decisions have to be made.

In these straitened times, it would be comforting to know that there’s a higher authority at work: some kind of benign force fighting desperately for equality of provision so that it’s not just a seemingly random act of cruelty that some children who desperately relied on support staff will return to school this year to find them gone.

Money alone is no guarantee of a great school experience but a severe shortage of it will almost definitely make that experience less rich in some respect.

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