Education Select Committee urges Nicky Morgan to commit to statutory PSHE

The TES is reporting that an influential group of MPs has urged Nicky Morgan to make the teaching of sex and relationship education statutory in all schools.

The chair of the Commons Education Select Committee has written to the education secretary calling on her to “carefully consider” the merits of introducing statutory status for personal, social, health and economic (PSHE) education.

In his letter [below], Neil Carmichael states that the government’s response to a previous report into PSHE published by the committee has been “feeble”.

The correspondence comes after the Independent on Sunday reported that the government was poised to rule out making PSHE statutory.

Mr Carmichael said: “The previous education committee, of which I was a member, found the government’s strategy for improving PSHE in schools is weak and highlighted that PSHE requires improvement in 40 per cent of schools.

“The committee recommended introducing statutory status for PSHE, a move which could have a significant impact in helping to keep our children healthy and safe. I urge the secretary of state to report back to my committee and respond to the call for statutory PSHE and outline her strategy for improving the quality of teaching in these areas…”

More at: MPs urge Nicky Morgan to commit to statutory PSHE


Read Neil Carmichael’s letter in full:

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Do you welcome this intervention from Neil Carmichael?

And with so many calling for compulsory PSHE from across the political spectrum, what do you think the reasons would be for the government to rule it out?

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Statutory PSHE education – not a straightjacket for schools
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  1. andylutwyche

    SchoolsImprove PSHE can be great but often used to fill up timetables; schools can’t afford specialist PSHE teachers & don’t fully benefit

  2. peterabarnard

    SchoolsImprove This is a mistake but the government will probably make it anyway as a system fix or add-on.PSHE is far better designed in

  3. Dai_James1942

    SchoolsImprove Will it become an offence to question the value of men sticking their penises into other men’s bottoms?

  4. sclaUK

    Enable young people to develop the attitudes, thinking and behaviours that equip them to handle themselves and relationships effectively and realise their potential – getting into the detail of specific content is the same silo approach to curriculum that doesn’t equip young people to succeed. I, for one, welcomed personal development being a key heading in the new Ofsted framework. The challenge is that you can’t teach self-belief – which is essential – you can facilitate the development of it but that is a different process to the knowledge and skills focus that we have. Let’s focus on enabling young people the develop essential Attitudes, Thinking and Behaviours – equipped2succeed!

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