Education is more than knowledge alone

CBI President Paul Drechsler CBE will call on policymakers to make education in England about more than results and rote learning, and prioritise teaching that encourages thoughts, questions, creativity and teamworking.  The Confederation of British Industry reports. 

In a speech to the Association of School and College Leaders in Birmingham, Paul will say that education’s power is to give people not just what they need to operate in today’s workplace, but the spirit of enquiry that allows them to shape tomorrow’s too.

Business leaders appreciate the difference made by brilliant teachers and leaders – how great teaching helps great people develop.  They want to see all young people leaving education as well-rounded individuals. 

On current education policy, Paul will say:

“Teachers’ jobs are not just difficult because the world is changing, it’s also made more difficult by years of moving the goal posts in public policy.  Those failures have culminated in today’s debate between the extremes of rigorous testing on the one hand, and the rounded development of a young person on the other.

“Of course, academic achievement matters.  But alone, it’s not enough for the exciting world we face – in work, or in wider society.  Schools have been saying this for years, and so has the CBI.  Attainment and wider preparation for adult life go hand-in-hand.

On what can be done to improve education, Paul will say:

“It sounds simple.  But here’s what worries me.  Perhaps our politicians are too entrenched. Perhaps the ideological commitments hold too firm a grip.  Perhaps old habits die hard.  We should take ownership – let’s persuade our politicians to set up a new Education Commission.

“This Commission could bypass the turf wars.  It should have a broad membership – educational leadership, businesses, young people, parents and politicians – people who understand education and want our country to succeed.”

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